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when u look at a reflective surface and u so fine u shock yourself

Onew’s starting to get thick again

I think I might cry


Today the Mars Orbiter Mission, better known as Mangalyaan, was inserted into a Mars orbit. The successful insertion makes India the fourth nation to reach Mars after the US, the Soviet Union and Europe. In the pictures are ISRO scientist and engineers celebrating its success.

Congratulations to ISRO and its scientist and engineers!

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This will forever be relevant.

Blue night radio 14/10/01
Jonghyun called to BN radio from Japan
jonghyun: i want to go (to blue night) as fast as i can!! 휴 ㅅ 휴
jonghyun: i'm always thankful to lala sweet, hyungtae, and go young bae. please take care until i return again. i'll off the lights
jonghyun: i'm with my members in japan now--
gyb: are your members there with you now??
jonghyun: they're asleep.
jonghyun: i'm writing a song for all of you so please look forward. i'm writing the lyrics now.... please don't forget me
cr: vanillahaato


Most gorgeous barista ever ♡


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