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Literally the worst shit on the planet lol

If you can watch this all the way through without switching to another tab you’re officially the shit

I can’t lol Minho makes me feel so uncomfortable

Like they all do

But Minho looks at the camera too much lol I can’t

Bringing this back


SWC3: Kiss Yo, The Moment where MinKey ship sails… Key’s reaction tho. Hehe.


Lil’ Kim and a fan.

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35 / ∞ - Choi Minho

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Artist: Howl's Moving Castle
Track: "It's Love, Isn't It?"
Plays: 333,823 plays

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I wore a crop top to class cuz I was feelin cute

But it’s kinda windy af today so I had to throw a hoodie on

Now I feel weird cuz I have on a crop top and a hoodie :/

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jonghyun: I only date korean women tbh *sees girl in the thot gear dress* jonghyun: did I say korean I meant non korean hol on wassup *excuse me miss starts playing*

BYEEEEEE hahahahaha

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