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Uggghhhhhhhh I got class today but my manager won’t let me leave early :(

2013 vs. 2014

An important Jjong look is from sm the ballad hot times music video. I swear to every god I would have cooked him a five course meal, gave him head and let him just hit it raw like he dont even have to go down on me lookin like that shittt. God bless

Lmaoooo omg






Chris Tucker hitting that Shmoney Dance

shmurda just be stealin everything

All these dances y’all think are “new” them oldheads been doing for 50+ years.


20 Days of Shinee; D2 - Your Top OTP: Tin Manew & Jongrothy


More Blonde Jinki ~ Because one post wasn’t enough to cover the glory that is blonde Lee Jinki

These are just some of my favorite pictures of Jinki that I collected. Pictures not mine. All rights to the owners.

Taemin x ASC Hangouts


Today a teacher played taemin’s dance practice video in the auditorium with 300+ students

"from a child who couldnt sing to a man who is able to release his own solo album"

- - teacher’s comments about taemin

cr: jongpouts


(Can we give this teacher an award? Daebak!!! Best teacher)


 140902 Taemin - SBS MTV The Show Twitter Update